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6 Jobs for Pilots Besides Flying Commercial Planes

There are many job options for pilots that are not necessarily flying commercial aeroplanes. Each pilot would like to become the first officer of a commercial flight, but while that happens,Pilot Training shows you sixjobs where pilots can be in command.

Firefighter Pilot

Fight fire from the skies and become an aerial hero. There are places where the traditional fire department cannot reach, but an aeroplane can. As a firefighter pilot, you will fulfil your desire to fly and at the same time help the planet.

Air Taxi Pilot

A more rested job and with shorter flights. You can transport tourists to small islands and enjoy the vacation atmosphere even when you are at work.

Business Jet Pilot

Being a private pilot is a very pleasant work style for those who choose this job. You will be able to see new places and your flight schedule is determined by your boss. You can fly small or medium planes depending on the occasion and the company that hires you.

Ambulance Pilot

It is recognized as one of the most important jobs as a pilot. You can transport medical equipment, critical patients, emergency evacuations and regular patients. It is gratifying to be an air ambulance pilot as it is filled with solidarity work in society.

Freight Pilot

Cargo pilots fly from one side to the other carrying different types of materials. Generally, these flights are made at night, which would be good for you if you are not one of those who go to sleep early.

Flight Instructor

Being a flight instructor adds experience to your pilot life. You will meet different types of people making your way of teaching different from each student. By having different ways of teaching, your knowledge will increase even more.

The possibilities for having a better job are greater due to the knowledge and hours of flights that you will have registered. Large airlines are looking for people with good flight records to be captains.

According to your hours of experience, you may renew your instructor license to a higher degree to have a greater field of work.

Every day flights are becoming more necessary in the world.Therefore, more pilots are needed in different areas. Add experience and flight hours with companies that allow you to fly for them. Strive to grow into the pilot you want to be.

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